Another worthy candidate for summarisation, or some such.

Bonus – not (directly) adoption related either.

the void

If you take a walk down Oxford Street, or any other busy Central London street, take a look at the pavement and you will notice an unusual shortage of discarded cigarette ends.  This has nothing to do with any conscientious street cleaning by Westminster Council, and is certainly not because West End shoppers are particularly conscious of littering.

The reason is that there is an army of urban scavengers patrolling the streets hunting for cigarette ends so they can squeeze the last little scraps of tobacco into a Rizla.  You need three or four fag butts generally to get anything approaching a reasonable smoke, and even then it’s likely to make your throat sore with it’s harshness.  Lots of people store it up in a tin, or empty tobacco packet.  It’s dry, flaky and smells predictably of ashtrays.  The smoking ban has meant the prime spots are outside pubs.  Bus…

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Almost five months later…

…and I’ve had an idea of how I can start to kick-start some life back into me: I’m going to – at some stage in the none-too-distant – attempt to write a summary of Elena VanderMolen’s article, Transracial Adoption and Sociological Theory – Understanding My Identity.

Of course, this is going to have to wait until after I’ve wrote my reply to Aidan Burley, MP, as well as some other stuff that needs sorting, but yup… even if the Social Policy drives me mad, I may just go back and do Sociology anyway.