Socialisation at work again…

Mad Momma Moogacat

One day last summer Bug and I were at the local zoo, by the elephant exhibit, minding our own business, and looking at the elephants.  I heard someone loudly point Bug out to his son and say, “look– she’s from the same place as the Asian elephant.” 

Dear boneheaded dude at the zoo, and lots of other clueless white people out there: my child is not your geography or diversity lesson.  She doesn’t exist to educate you about race.  She’s a person, and entitled to some dignity.

Here’s the thing. One of the things white people are told is that they need to be around people of color in order to understand racial issues.  It’s great to just say be around black people, Asian people, Latinos, etc.  But it seems that white people always want to do that on our terms and that persons of color are supposed to smile and gratefully be white people’s diversity lessons. …

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