I too attended the Birmingham protest.

The surprise for me was getting unexpectedly triggered on gender issues, right at the end of the meeting in the BMI afterwards.

100 miles from the sea


On Saturday I joined hundreds in Birmingham in a protest against the bedroom tax. The protest was part of a day of action involving over 50 demonstrations and thousands of people across the UK which was co-ordinated by Eoin Clarke & Labour Left but was a broad cross left event, with speakers including left-wing Labour MP John McDonnell, former Respect leader & local councilor Salma Yaqoob, the Socialist Party’s Nick Hart, Shadow DWP Sec Liam Byrne, as well as local activists from Birmingham Against the Cuts, Birmingham Trades Council, Dudley Trades Council, Boycott Workfare, UCU, the CAB, and Unite the Resistance.

Along with this, two protestors who had traveled some distance to attend spoke about how the tax will hit them directly. Simon Cohen spoke about how the forced downsizing will mean his child no longer has anywhere to sleep even though parenting is shared…

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