UK unemployment benefit less generous than Romania, Albania and the US

Not a widely known fact, I’d wager.

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(not satire – it’s the UK today)

Well now. Here’s an interesting ranking of countries according to how generous their unemployment benefit is for the first year after workers have lost their jobs.

Quite contrary to the spin we constantly receive from the mainstream press et al about how generous the UK is with unemployment benefits, the fact is we actually rank lower in generosity than countries like Romania, Albania and even the US.

Here’s the ranking – with the most generous countries at the top (you have to go right to the bottom to find the UK):

Country Gross Replacement Rate, year 1  Ranking

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ATOS tell woman with mental age of 3 yrs to get a job (not satire – please share)

Don’t usually do two in a row from the same blog, but just… *shakes head*

There are no words.

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Meena’s family are asking for their privacy to be respected. A genuine misunderstanding has been made, no thanks to the aggressively worded letter the family received. They will be pursuing the matter with the appropriate bodies and ask you all to respect their wishes.

Thank you.


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Toby Young – disabled children should be excluded from schools

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(not satire – it’s Toby Young!)

UPDATE: Young has today (01.01.2018) deleted his 2012 article. Unfortunately for him, there is a screenshot of it at the bottom of this blogpost. It’s back up again now. But with an added explanation at the bottom.

UPDATE 2: Please sign and share this petition to sack Toby Young from his new post as Theresa May’s university regulator. Thanks.


Tory spokesman and Free School advocate Toby Young, writing in The Spectator, thinks disabled children should be excluded from schools.

No – I’m not exaggerating – he really does say that wheelchair ramps in schools are an example of ‘ghastly, politically correct’ inclusiveness as well as comparing disabled children to “illiterate troglodytes”:

toby young wheelchairs

Of course, if you’re in a wheelchair – wheelchair ramps are not just political correctness. Not having a ramp WILL exclude you.

But perhaps Sun columnist Toby thinks that educating children who…

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Thatcher’s housing legacy

Red Brick

No doubt readers aren’t interested in my general views about Margaret Thatcher. You can assume that they aren’t as rose-coloured and sycophantic as everything that’s been on TV this evening (thank goodness for Kevin Maguire providing a smidgen of balance). So what did her 11 years as Prime Minister mean to housing?

The only housing reference made so far in the media’s extraordinary obituary-fest has been to the right to buy, as if it was the only housing policy at the time. The policy was wrong on so many levels and has been a long-term disaster, but it is hard to think of a political phenomenon like it (possibly until Boris Johnson came along). It steamrollered over Labour and touched an aspirational nerve in working class Britain that no-one at the time was prepared for or could explain. It became the iconic Thatcherite domestic policy (alongside destroying the trades unions) despite the fact that it was barely…

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Residents on benefits plead to be taken into police custody to keep village safe

An interesting perspective on the issue.

The Evening Harold

Worried residents of Harold who are currently on any form of benefit from job seekers allowance to war widows pension pleaded with the police to take them into custody to ensure the safety of those around them.

Carly Jeffery who works as a teaching assistant at St Mary’s and receives housing benefit and child benefit for her two children Ben (7) and Alice (4) is terrified that being in reciept of government money means that she will harm her family.

“With the Daily Mail claiming that Mick Philpott and his two accomplices wouldn’t have killed if being on benefits hadn’t made them do it, I’m worried for the safety of my children. I love the kids to bits but I now see that they have been born into a culture of dependency and are doomed to be as feckless as I am. It’s only right that I’m locked up and…

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Homeless Man Dies of Cold Just Inches From Shelter After Squatting Ban

the void

empty-bungalowIn a tragic story which fell largely by the wayside, a homeless man died of hypothermia earlier this year after sleeping in the doorway of an abandoned building in Aylesbury, Kent.

Daniel Gauntlett was just 35 years old when he was found dead outside the empty bungalow at the end of February.  Reports claim he had previously attempted to sleep inside the boarded up property but had been prevented after police were called.  The  bungalow was due to be bulldozed.

Some housing campaigners have laid the blame for his death directly at the feet of Mike Weatherley, the Tory MP who proposed the legislation which makes squatting in any residential property a criminal offence.  It is not just Weatherley who has blood on his hands.  Almost every Labour MP also voted for the new laws which were not only built on lies but removed an ancient and historic…

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A Blog for Dallas Area Catholics

I hate this world:

There’s been some buzz this week about the newest scientific discovery that can help the in vitrofertilization (IVF) process: doctors now have the ability to harvest the eggs of aborted baby girls and use them to aid women who have difficulty conceiving.

IVF is already riddled with moral conundrums, not the least of which is the “selective reduction” abortions that often follow an overly successful IVF procedure (where a woman aborts one or more of multiple babies she has unwittingly conceived). There is also the problem of fertilized human zygotes (aka little humans) who are not selected for implantation being simply discarded without a second thought as to their intrinsic value as humans.

It comes as little surprise, for a procedure that is wont to constantly and consistently put the desires and preferences of parents before the humanity of their children, that…

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More information on the government’s distortion of information on disability claims has come to light, thanks to a pointer from Declan Gaffney via Twitter. While the new information changes the focus slightly, it makes the government’s deceit, in the picture Grant Shapps and others are trying to paint, even worse than was at first obvious.

Shapps & co, along with their friends in the press, have claimed that 878,300 people decided not to pursue their claims for benefit because a change in the benefits system meant that they’d have to be assessed for their level of disability – and that this showed how much malingering there was under Labour and how necessary this government’s attack on disabled people is (though of course they euphemistically call it ‘reform’).

The additional data is a Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) spreadsheet showing the caseloads and outcomes for the Work Capability Assessment (WCA)…

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the void

Graffiti is pictured on a pillar outsideOn the weekend before the most savage cuts to social security in generations are introduced, the Tory party have gone on a media offensive to attack sick and disabled people or those who are unemployed, low waged and poor.

Minister for Murdering Disabled People Esther Mcvey began the assault with a vile piece of propaganda in the Daily Mail on Saturday.  Mcvey claims that many people who are “officially classed ‘disabled’ are no such thing”.  Her nasty diatribe comes in advance of the changes to disability benefits which will see around a fifth of disabled people lose vital support.

This is a woman with so much real world experience that she still lives with her business-owning dad at the age of 45.  Despite a half-arsed attempt at setting up a business, the nearest Mcvey has ever come to real work was sitting on the GMTV sofa.  Is it any…

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