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Jeffrey, Zippy, Bungle and George

The Plastic Hippo strikes again!

The Plastic Hippo

Even as Air Force One touched down at Aldridge International Airport, the latest leg of President Barak Obama`s “No sleep until the Robin 2 in Bilston” European tour continues to be beset by controversy.

After mistaking a white Anglo-Irish public school educated millionaire son of a baronet for a black soul singer from Providence, Rhode Island, the President`s top advisors were determined that “Jeffreygate” would not be repeated during his state visit to Walsall. However, the first indication that the Presidential briefing had been less than robust came as the President emerged from his 747 at terminal five at Aldridge. At the top of the aircraft steps, he greeted the waiting crowd, estimated to number more than 200,000 people, by adopting the voice of Robin Williams and bellowing:
“Goooooodmoooooorning, Poland.”

It required the fragrant First Lady, Michelle Obama to tug the President`s sleeve and tell him that this was Walsall…

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