Free to Live the Life I Want: Proud to be ShameLESS

Reblogging on here because societal perceptions of abortion can make or break lives.

The shaming needs to end, now! It’ll save more lives than you could ever image.


Free to live the life I want 18

I was six when I was hospitalized for ten days with a very rare blood disease similar to a temporary form of hemophilia. I almost died.

I’ve had stitches for deep cuts and wounds four times.

I’ve had serious mouth surgery six times – four wisdom teeth extracted, two broken teeth extracted, two dental implants.

I’ve had orthoscopic surgery on my knee to repair a torn meniscus.

My index and middle fingers were crushed in a grinding machine and I had major surgery to repair the bones, skin and nail beds. I almost lost those two fingers.

I have had also two abortions. I was 19 when I had my first and 35 when I had my second.

Both were easy choices to make. Both were easy to obtain, were legal and very low-cost. Of all the surgeries I’ve had, my abortions rate alongside the stitches for cuts and wounds…

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