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Sometimes, an interesting thread develops from other, tangentially related matters. This one came in yesterday, and as soon as I saw it, I thought it was fantastic, although it’s sad and somewhat sensitive, too.

Reader and contributor Andy Dennis has been preoccupied for some time researching his bit of Brownhills; Newtown, up on the Watling Street, specifically Howdles Lane and The Fort. In his research, he’s hit upon this tragic history.

I won’t waffle any further, except to thank Andy for a remarkable piece of painstaking research which I’m honoured to host here. Contributions of this quality make this blog what it is.

As usual, comments are welcome, or please mail me at BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. I appreciate the possible sensitivities here. Please do mail if you have any concerns.

Andy wrote:

Hello Bob

Further to my recent message, here is more about Eunice Carter, first…

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A political thesaurus

Gotta love how TPH updates us so succinctly with the changes in Life(tm). ;)

The Plastic Hippo

Given the rich complexity of the English language, as it develops and evolves to reflect the character of its speakers, it is difficult to have sympathy of those who mourn the passing of the correct spoken usage of words like “bad” and “wicked”. Remembering the words invented by Shakespeare that still remain in common speech, the really big difficulty is keeping up with a living language that is changing organically.

Having only recently mastered the use of “wicked” as meaning excellent and the use of “bad” as the complete opposite, young people tell me that these terms are now obsolete with the user becoming the object of derision. Those that cleave to the purity of English must despair as they hear it cleaved asunder by modern idiom. However, the English language has not popped its clogs, kicked the bucket and is not pushing up the daisies. Instead it is fit…

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